Quest PA and Equipment Hire

Quest can provide professional PA, lighting  and musical equipment hire services when the band are not performing with a Logic 8k 1296 PA system, LM15 monitor rig, quality back line and professional engineers.

A full equipment list is as follows;

Logic 1296 8k PA system

5 x LM15 monitors with 5 individual monitor mixes

DBX drive rack

Studiomaster and Soundcraft LX7 32 channel desks

Behringer Tube Composer compressor

TC electronics multi effects unti

BBE dynamic enhancer

50m multicore

Shure SM58, 58 Beta and SM57 mics

AKG big drum pack including x2 CS1000 condenser mics

mic stands

Vocal PA – Mackie SRM450v2 powered speakers and Mackie 12 channel mixing desk with fx.

8 x 500w par 64 cans with multi coloured gels, NJD dimmer packs and analog controller

2 x 500w par 64 floor cans with NJD dimmer pack

Martin DJ lighting

Dell Laptop with Tracktor DJ software

Numark CD player

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (3 channel model) and Mesa 4×12 slant cabinet

Marshall TSL100 and 1960b 4×12 cabinet

Vox AC30TB 1997 British reissue (fitted with Celestion Greenbacks)


To arrange a booking or for more information click here or call David on 07834 826 759…





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